Jio fiber plan launches, Free TV and Internet will be available in this amount

Jio fiber plan launches, Free TV and Internet will be available in this amount

On Thursday, Reliance Jio announced its fiber plans and the company's plans are expected to drastically change the internet and streaming service sectors.

 Geo Fiber plans to get a free TV, set-top box and premium streaming service.

 Jio claims that it is the largest mobile data network in the world, Jio's mobile service was launched on September 5, 2016, in which the company announced free call and data services.

 Jio's plan will add to the difficulties of many already-troubled companies and break out of 'pricewar'.

 Feature of Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber home service will be launched in 1600 cities of India.  The company claims that it will have at least 100 MBPS speed, which is four times more than India's average Internet speed.

 The company says users will get maximum speed as fiber cable is used till 'end user'.

 The company can hold a broadband, free national and international call plus TV video call and conference with a maximum speed of one GBPS.

 The company is talking about providing OTT (over the top) entertainment apps, gaming, home networking, device security and virtual reality services.

 The company says that about five lakh 'preview users' provided services to streamline it.

 Rs.  699 to Plan

The company has paid Rs.  699 to Rs.  Launched 8,499 plans, with speeds ranging from 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS, though they also have * conditions applicable *.

 The company offers bronze (Rs. 699, 100 MBPS), Silver (Rs. 849, 100 MBPS), Gold (Rs. 1,299, 250 MBPS), Diamond (Rs. 2,499, 500 MBPS), Platinum (3,999, 1 GBPS), Titanium  (8,499, 1 GBPS) plans launched.

 Provide up to 20 percent to 100 percent data free with every pre-paid plan - Bronze (100 GB + 50 GB), Silver (200 GB + 200 GB), Gold (500 GB + 250 GB), Diamond (1250 GB + 250 GB).  Has announced.  Platinum Plan offers 2500 GB and Titanium 5000 GB data.

 After crossing the ceiling in all the plans, there will be an MBPS Fair-Use Limit, in which the customer is able to control the fixed data transfer rate and can transfer within the prescribed limit only.

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