If you are young you will get Rs 72 lakh for free, apply immediately

If you are young you will get Rs 72 lakh for free, apply immediately

If you are young and want to do something new, you can fulfill your dreams by taking Rs 72 lakh for free.  There are many young people who have good ideas, but neither get money from home, nor help the bank or financial institution to fulfill it.  The Modi government's Start Up India scheme also has difficulty getting money.  At that time, a global organization is providing free help of Rs 72 lakh to 20 to 30 youth every year without any guarantee.  The best thing about getting this help is that it does not require any academic qualification.  If you have an idea for something new, this free help is waiting for you.

 India's largest and the fourth largest chain in the world, Chen Oyo has also made it with the help of Rs. 72 lakhs.  Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook by taking money from this global organization at one time.  Today, Facebook has become a billion dollar company.  Let's know how to get Rs 72 lakh, and what to do.

The Thiel Foundation offers fellowships
 The Thiele Foundation offers fellowships of $ 1 million per year (72 million at today's exchange rate) to 20 to 30 young people worldwide under one fellowship.  This fellowship can be found on any good idea.  If you are young and you have an idea.  So that's enough.  For this $ 1 million fellowship.  The company doesn't ask for anything in return.  There is no fee to apply for this fellowship.

What age people can take in fellowship?
 This fellowship is for young people.  Those 22 years of age may apply for this fellowship.  It has to be applied online.  Once applied, it is also possible if there are any amendments to it.  The Thiel Foundation provides this fellowship to 20-30 young people around the world every year.  This fellowship meets for 2 years.  One of the great features of this fellowship is that it also offers a college dropout.  Applications can be made throughout the year for this fellowship.  If you would like to apply for the Fellowship online, click on the link below.

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