This is the government's preparations

This is the government's preparations

People are aware of the government jobs that their jobs are safe and they are never dropped from the job.  This is the reason that people give more importance to government jobs rather than private jobs.  However this is not the case now.

 The government is now planning to take action against the government employees who do not fulfill their responsibility correctly.  Last month, 27 government officials were retired before their term ended.  The Chief of the Tax Department and the Principal Secretary level officials were included.

 All the government departments have been told that they will prepare their report every month, from the Department of Training and Personnel issued today.  This report also provides information about officers who have retired.

 It has been pointed out that every Ministry, Department and DOTT have to report, they will have to give this report by July 15, every month from July 1, 2019.  It is worth mentioning that the DOPT directly reports the Prime Minister's Office, along with the Center, 

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