Make PAN card at home for free

Make PAN card at home for free

It is very important to have a PAN Card with a support card to take advantage of the Modi government's plans.  If you do not have a PAN card, you can stay away from many government schemes.  Government has made PAN card mandatory in cash transactions.  If you want to buy a vehicle, you can not take it home without depositing the PAN card.  The easiest way to make a PAN card.

 (1) To do this by going to the website: To create an application-e-PAN card, first go to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in on the Income Tax Department website and click on the instant e-PAN card coming up in the links.  Then read the instructions provided carefully.  Then click ePark again.  Users will then be shown that shoe should not be made in the form of a form.

(2) On mobile, the OTP-taxpayer will be given on the basis of e-PAN basis card.  So all the information should be named, date of birth, gender, perfect.  E-pages and support information should be match.  The taxpayer will also have to link their support card to the mobile number also.  This will be a one-time password or an OTP.  This mobile number should be verified.

 (3) After doing sign-otp on white paper, the e-KYC process will be completed, then the e-PAN application process will start.  For e-PAN cards, users must upload a scanned copy of their signature.  Sign on a white paper.  Its resolution should be 200 DPI and size is 10 KB, upload this photo in 2x4.5 centimeters and JPEG format.

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