Electoral list and check your name in voter list

Electoral list and check your name in voter list

The Voter list or Electoral roll is an authenticated record which is published by the Election Commission of India through the State’s and Union Territories CEO portals. This official record decides whether you are eligible to vote or not. It’s the responsibility of every Indian Citizen who is having Voter id to check the voter id holders name before the election. Earlier people used to visit the ERO offices to check their name in the voter list but the Election Commission of India now providing the online facility to check and confirm the vote online via State CEO portals, NVSP portal and Union Territory portal.

The voter’s list that also refers to the electoral roll, it is comprehensively compiled a list which bears the names also details of voters in a specific constituency. The ECI releases it to the public periodically for scrutiny. On electoral roll you can cross check to find out that you are registered to vote in the forthcoming election.
Earlier to check the name in the voter list or electoral roll one has to visit the ERO office. But the Election Commission of India is providing an online facility to check the name in the voter list through the NVSP portal, States and Union territories CEO portals. You can search your name in the voter list by using your name or by using the EPIC number.

Visit the NVSP portal or your State’s CEO portal or your Union Territories CEO portal.
Select the Search your Name in Electoral roll option from the main menu.
Search Electoral roll online window will be displayed.
Select your District.
Select Search by Name option.
Now enter your name, Father Name, gender, age etc.
Enter the Captcha code and click the search button.
A window will be displayed with your Voter id search details.

How to check your name on the voter list online:

Below are steps you need to take online to verify your existence on the voter list:

Log on to the website http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Linkto_electo_search.aspx. On the website, you will come across weblinks to voter lists. These electoral rolls are in a PDF format.
Find the link of the state where you are a resident or the state where you have registered as a voter. Click on this link.
After performing the above step a new tab will open giving you the choice of either searching by voter ID card or by your name.

In the event that you have the elector ID card with you opt to search by voter card. Otherwise, opt to search using your name.
What will appear are new fields where you will be required to enter such details as your name and district.
Once you have entered your details proceed to click on the search button. Your name should appear as a search result but if it doesn’t then it means either you entered some or all personal details incorrectly or you are missing on the voter list.
What to do in case of omissions or mistakes:

Should your personal details be incorrectly entered ensure the corrections are done prior to the forthcoming elections. For this, you will need to fill Form 8 before submitting it to your state’s Chief Electoral Officer.

In the event that your name is missing on the voter list, you will be required to fill Form 6 and submit it to your state’s Chief Electoral Officer.
Search voter id card by name

You should ensure to this at least more than 10 days prior the election so that necessary changes can make after that no alterations can allow. There are the several reasons that necessitate checking your name in the voter’s list. One is ensuring that the personal details were correctly entered. And the other is ensuring that you are actually entered in the voter’s roll. This is why because mistakes happen, also you might have omitted and this would deny your chance to vote for the law requires one to register voter before they can also to exercise their democratic right also a duty.Search voter id card online

Checking, you are on the electoral roll or not done manually where you present to the local Election Commission of India offices also you go through a manual register. To conduct an offline voter id search you will require to present the documents that can prove your identities like driver’s license or passport. There is another method for checking your name in voters list through online. This method is easier and faster also more convenient method.First Applicants visit the nvsp official website http://www.nvsp.in/. Then click on the “Track application status” option. Here enter the application number and click on “Track status” button. The voter ID card status will be displayed on the screen

Note: Not only this nvsp portal you can also use the online portal of your state CEO to check the Voter ID application status. And the process will be quite similar as explained above. So that you can easily check Voter ID application status

Without reference number:

Go to the http://electoralsearch.in/ website and select one of the 2 options like search with details or search with a number. And there enter the name, father name, gender, age, other details and click on the search button. If your voter ID card is processed then your card is displayed on the screen

Know the status of your election ID status through SMS:

Applicants can also know the Voter ID card application status through SMS
Simply follow the SMS EPIC by space by their voter ID application number