Amazon can work only 4 hours a month to earn 60,000 rupees, read how

Amazon can work only 4 hours a month to earn 60,000 rupees, read how

The world's largest company has a dream of working every month. But if a boy is in delivery, maybe some people are recovering. But the fact is that this is not a common job. There is also good earnings besides hard work. This option is good for the unemployed. Especially when they have to do this for the world's largest online shopping company. The special thing is that there is no restriction in this job. If you can not do a full-time job, you can also do part-time. What do you have to do?

Delivery range is in the range of 10-15 kilometers
Amazon has about 18 cents in Delhi. Likewise, most cities have Amazon's center. All packages are delivered to the customer's address. Packages are delivered in the area of ​​10-15 kilometers from the Amazon Center.

What is needed to be a delivery boy?
You must have a degree to be a delivery boy. If the school or college has it, it is necessary to have the passing certificate. You must have your bike or scooter to deliver. Bike or scooter insurance, RC Book should be approved. The applicant must have a driving license.

Get yourself registered online
You can register for delivery boy in Yazan via your e-mail ID. Fill the form properly for it, no information will be released, no information will be released. Please read the Terms of Service carefully. Do not discount the company asking for a background check.

Will the company give you the vehicle?
If you have a scooter and a bike then you will have to use your own vehicle for delivery of selected products. If the major products are to be delivered, then the company provides you with a bigger vehicle on some conditions.

The thing of your choice can be delivered
Delivery Boy has to deliver at office and at home. The delivery delivery boy does what he has to deliver the product. You can also deliver from a small baggage to a fridge, TV, AC, too. It requires a bigger vehicle, we provide a larger vehicle.