Setting up this smartphone, 4 times the speed and battery life

Setting up this smartphone, 4 times the speed and battery life

Today's number of users using Android smartphones is very high. Users are installing newer apps for different features. In this case, the battery is affected by the speed of the phone. You will be stunned to know that there is a hidden feature in your phone, which works to increase the speed of the phone and save the battery.

Developer Options comes with an Android mobile phone and works for people who test on mobile. But there are some options that can make users' mobile performance even better. This option is hidden in the mobile and it is started by going to settings.

Let's play this way:

- First go to their mobile settings.
- Now Tap About Phone
- To go inside about Phone, Buidl Number or MIUI Verison or Verison will be seen. If no such option is found, tap 7 times to enter developer mode in the option that appears, tap on it 7 times.
- 7 times after tapping, your smartphone developer options will be launched.
Now you go back to the home screen and return to Settings again.
- They are also shown by the Developers Options as seen in {}.

The advantages of these Depler options are as follows.

USB Debugging:
This experiment goes to connect the computer to the computer. If the phone is having trouble connecting to the computer, then turn on the option of USB Debugging, after which the phone is easily connected to the computer. After that you can easily transfer any file from a mobile to a computer to a computer from the computer.

To continue mobile data with Wifi:

If your phone automatically turns off mobile data as soon as WiFi is launched on your phone, then this feature is of work. In the meantime, when you are out of WiFi area, mobile data has to be done. But with the Developer option you can always keep the data on

Will be closed in the background: App Connectivity:

There are many apps that remain active in the background after closing. This app eliminates your mobile battery. You will get the option of Do not Keep Activities in the developer option to terminate it, which will stop all the activities running in the breakdown on the closed application.