ST equipped, candidates must keep this point in mind

ST equipped, candidates must keep this point in mind

The examiner will be conducting the mass examination on 6th January. All the students have been arranged for the ST Corporation to meet the appointed time on their test site. All students will be able to book online. This will be done for the resident of the DP / ST station 5 and 6 January. For the Department of Administration is equipped.

LRD's January 6th examination is to be held. ST corporation has been circulared to allow students to travel freely for the students. The students who have been specially arranged by the ST Corporation have been specially arranged and all students who have passed the LRD on January 6 and January 6 will be able to travel in fees. All the students will be given the call letter number to the controller and ID proof and students can also book online, in which the students Number of call letter will be advertised and 2433 Tts for students from Ahmedabad Repairs have been arranged. All mechanical parameters of the bus running on the exam have been scrutinized. Depot control points will be informed to the students through continuous annotation.

During the travel of ST, the candidate will have to take a ticket, but this ticket will be of zero. The fare for the candidates to be paid will be paid by the state recruitment board. That means the ST will make a journey by giving zero tickets.

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