Every month, you will get 5,000 pensions, Modi government's plan

Every month, you will get 5,000 pensions, Modi government's plan

The Central Government has given gifts to the central and state government employees. On Thursday, the government has increased its contribution to the National Pension Scheme (NPS) by 14 percent. It's currently 10 percent. However, the minimum contribution to employees will be 10%. Let us tell you that the government also runs a National Pension Scheme for the common people. In this you get Rs. 2 million will get. Plus, you get Rs. Get 5000 pensions.
What is the NPS : The NPS is a pension product and in 2004 it started for government employees. But, later in 2009 it was open to the general public. In 2011, corporate employees got investment approved

How to calculate the benefits you get from the NPS:Suppose you spend 1000 rupees per month for 25 years in this scheme. On which you get an 8% interest, your total pension wealth will be 9.49 lakh. Under the pension plan rules, you can withdraw 40 percent or 1.89 lakh rupees. You will get the remaining money as a pension every month. This way you get Rs. 5,062.
Age limit: Anyone 18 - 65 years old can invest in it. NPS is different from traditional pension schemes. Investors of this pension fund are invested in money-shares and bond markets. Profit is based on market volatility. Long term investment in NPS is beneficial. Regular investments in the NPS have good profits.

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