Increase the salaries of the central government, how much do you know?

Increase the salaries of the central government, how much do you know?

The Central Government constantly tries to increase the wages of its employees. For this, it is also bringing new methods.

Despite their disappointments due to non-increase in wages (salary) according to their previous demands, the central government employees are getting pay increases through different channels under 7th CPC. Dearness Allowance (DA) means that it is obtained on a regular basis by the increase in dearness allowance. Earlier, when the government had made a zero (0), but it has been changed due to the continuous increase in the cost of daily wages. After accepting some demands, the government has approved the DA. At present, the DA of central and state government employees is 9%.
It gets pay rise based on DA. Which was recently increased from 7% to 9%.

The 7th Pay Commission's DA on All India Audit and Assistant Secretary General Assistant Secretary General Harish Shankar Tiwaryad said that applying the DA is good news for the Central Government employees. Employees will be given DA around next year 2019. If the center is currently raising salary by increasing the fittings greater than 2.57 times, it will be better. Under the pay commission system of 7, the government employees with 18,000 basic (basic) salaries will get Rs. 1620 is found. Central employees are paid on the basis of pay-per-matrix. For example, a Level 1 employee gets Rs 1620 as DA, which is 9% of 18,000 pay. In July 2018, the DA grew by 2%.

It is worth mentioning that after the increase of 2% DA, level of 360 employees, salary of employees of Level 2 would be Rs 398, level 3 employees 'salary would be 434, level 4 employees' salary would be 510, 708 in salary of employees of level 6, Rs 898 for employees of level 7 , Rs 952 in salary for the employees of Level 8, Rs 1062 for the salary of 9th level and Rs 1122 for the salary of the level 10 employees. Process has been increased.

Source :: Dhunt News Report