SBI will change its rules after 3 days, impact will be to millions of custermers

SBI will change its rules after 3 days, impact will be to millions of custermers

If your account is in State Bank of India (SBI) and you use ATM, then there has been an important news for you. This new rule applies from October 31. As per the new rules of the bank, the transaction limit has now been reduced. Now you can get a maximum of 20 thousand rupees in a day. So far, SBI's ATM will cost 40 thousand rupees a day. Can be removed till Thus, if you want to withdraw money till October 30, you can get up to 40 thousand rupees only.
This point has been announced for all branches from SBI. SBI is issuing 39.50 crore debit cards till March 2018 and 26 crore cards are in use. The SBI website says that the daily withdrawal limit for the classic and the Maestro card will be reduced from Rs 40,000 to Rs 20,000 on October 31. Will be done. If you need more withdrawals then it is necessary to apply for a Hire Card Variant. '

The directive from the SBI to the entire country's branch has said that it has been decided to reduce the limit for withdrawal of money by seeing a complaint of fraud in banks' ATM transactions.
Withdrawal of other banks
  • Punjab National Bank - Rs 50,000 on RuPay card, Rs 25 thousand on a classic RuPay card
  • ICICI Bank - Platinum Chip debit card in one day Cash Limit, Limit on Visa Signature Card Rs 1.5 lakh
  • HDFC Bank - One day in Platinum Chip debit card Rs. Cash Limit
  • Axis Bank - RuPay (Rupees) card will cost 40 thousand rupees a day. Cash Withdrawal, Titanium Prime Plus and Secure Plus Debit Card Limit Rs 50,000
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