Google's job to quit Samosa becomes millionaires

Ask anyone who works in the IT field to get the right answer to their wishes to work in a company like Google. Yes, because anyone has a dream to work with such a giant company. A job in Google means to live whole life and live comfortably. You can not even imagine the salary of Google employees. Because the company also offers a package of millions of fisheries. But one person who escaped with this was a different person. Google started to sell a good reputation and sell samosas.

It's a little ridiculous to hear that a man sells Samosa to leave a company job like Google. But today we have to talk about 'The Bohri Kitchen' owner Munaf Kapadia. After listening to his story, you will be thinking that what man can not do if he thinks?

Google's job to quit selling samosas
It may be a little strange to hear that a man could leave a job like a Google company to sell samosas. But this is true. Munaf Kapadia left Google's job to sell samosas. The talk does not end here, even if Samosa is sold, the company's annual turnover has reached 50 lakhs.
Job left in a bush

Munaf Kapadia wrote in his Facebook profile that I am a man who left Google's job to sell samosas. The mood of their samosas is that in Mumbai, 5 stars are popular in hotels as well as in Bollywood. Munaf has studied MBA, then he started a job in some companies. Then Munaf went abroad to work where he got a job in Google. After several years of work, Munaf felt that he could do something special from this, then he returned home.