State Government Announcing Navratri And Diwali Vacation

State Government Announcing Navratri And Diwali Vacation

The Gujarat government took an important decision on taking Navratri, which has announced the appointment of the Minister of Education Bhupendrasinh Chudasama to Navratri and Diwali. From this year onwards, the students of the college including Navaratri will be given vacation from 10 to 17 October and leave for Dasara on 18th May. Apart from this, Dewi's vacation will be from November 5 to 18.
The state government had already announced that there will be a vacation in school and college during Navaratri's day. It will be implemented from the current year. This decision was announced by State Minister of State Vivebri Dave earlier and on this date the Government of Gujarat has declared 'Navratri' and 'Diwali' vacation anniversary today.

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that Navaratri vacations will be held between 10 to 17 October in the state schools and colleges and on 18th October, there will be Dussehra holiday. Apart from this, Navaratri has a 7-day holiday, the 21-day holiday for Diwali will now be 14 days. Diwali holiday will be held from 5th to 18th November ie Dhanteras to Sud Dasam before Diwali holiday was kept from November 5 to 25, although due to the 7-day holiday in Navaratri, the holiday has shortened.
This decision has made the students of school college come to the gallows. This year, due to the Navratri vacation, the Khaleeas too will keep on mind.
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