State Government's Biggest Announcement For Non-Reservation Classes, 58 Tribes Will Be Benefitted

State Government's Biggest Announcement For Non-Reservation Classes, 58 Tribes Will Be Benefitted

The unorganized corporation is going to announce today about various schemes. Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the government is trying to keep all the communities together. The BJP's fall in the village goes down. Rather than relying on urban voters, BJP has tried to convince the villagers too. In the Lok Sabha elections, the displeasure of the rural voters can be severe. The BJP has now formulated a master plan to suppress all the agitations.
Regarding various schemes of the Unorganized corporation, the state's Chief Minister Nitin Patel had a conference with journalists. However, this announcement was made by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel that the government has made such arrangements to ensure that there is no harm to the reserve and justice to the entire society. He said that the scheme has been implemented after completion of study and after churning. About 1.5 crore people in the state are not getting reservation. The Government's efforts are a kind of arrangement for all to get the same system.

Talking about the government's plan, Nitin Patel said that a committee of Nigam had discussed these plans for more than six months. Thereafter, the Chief Minister has been prepared under the guidance of Vijaybhai Rupani. All the program benefits will be easily available to the student all the online.

Government's big announcement
  • Students receiving more than 60 percent of the students in standard 12 will benefit
  • Annual income of the family should be less than three lakhs
  • Assistance up to Rs 10 lakhs for self-employment oriented schemes
  • 4% of the loan will get a simple interest loan
  • Assistance will be given to income limit of less than 3 lakh
  • All assistance students will be paid only.
  • Institution or tuition classes will not be paid.
  • All the benefits of the scheme will be available from this year.
  • 10 lakh rupees for study and Rs. 15 lakh loan for foreign education; 4% simple interest
  • Students who are studying in the hostel will be able to study
  • Assistance will be given to doctors, lawyers and technical graduates
  • 10 lakh for study and loan of Rs.15 lakh for abroad
  • However, the need for having a minimum of 60% mark in the 12th round
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