SBI warns customers, block this SMS, otherwise the account will be empty

SBI warns customers, block this SMS, otherwise the account will be empty

The country's largest public sector bank State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers. SBI has shared a message on its official Twitter account. It has been informed that bank account is being hacked using a fare SMS in the name of the bank. Personal information from bank customers is being sought. SBI has issued an alert that the bank does not seek information from its customers using SMS. This warning of SBI has come up against the time when a gang of fraudsters have been arrested in the name of RBI.

What is the SBI alert?
SBI has made a tweet with its Twitter account. He has asked customers to be alert. Bank said fake SMS is being made. The information in which the information is sought. Stay away from this SMS and block it. SBI has also said that if a customer has given personal information, then SBI can report it.

SBI's 9 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud
SBI has given 9 tips for users looking at online fraud. By using which you can save the account from any risk. Bank said that do not find other alternatives to internet banking. Use it only by going directly to the bank's site.

- Go to for Internet banking.

- Do not show your password or PIN number to anyone.

- Ignore the e-mail of people seeking information.

- Do not use Internet banking in the public.

- Clean your computer with anti-virus application.

- Keep the File & printing Sharing option in the operating system inactive.

- Do not keep the computer off if you do not need it.

- Do not save your ID and PIN on the Internet browser.

- Regularly check the transaction made by the account