Earning thousands of rupees by paying a bike every month, Learn Process

Earning thousands of rupees by paying a bike every month, Learn Process

If you want your extra earnings to happen, let's tell you that Noida-based new bike taxi startup has come up with a toy for you. You can earn 10000 rupees by giving a new bike on rent to this company. This special offer name for your information is bikebot. However, if you have to adhere to the rules and conditions of your company, then you will know about the whole process and how it will earn each month.

First of all, know about the bikeboat: For

your information, let us know that the bikeboat company offers its own taxi taxis in more than 50 cities of the country. If you want, you can download this company's App smartphone. Actually there is a startup and the company's head office is in Noida. However, the company has started its service in almost 50 cities of the country except Noida. According to Arhith Jain, who has been working as a specialist in the bikeboat company, the company is in the mood of expansion in the coming days.

Now the company is giving Earnings Excellence: The

company has come up with a special offer for the people under its expansion plan. Under this offer, the company gives general public awards of 9765 rupees per month. Under this offer you will have to give the company a new bike rent. This new bike will buy the company, for this, the company will have to invest Rs 62100. The company will give you 9765 rupees on the investment made for this new bike. Including a rental of Rs 5175 and a monthly rental of 4590 for your bike.

Many other offers:

If a person invests 3 bikes simultaneously in a company, then the company will give this person a bonus of 9765 rupees on all three bikes as well as a 4590 bonus per bike payment.

Connect with the company in other ways:

Execution : If you do not want to give a bike on rent in the company and you want to join the company, you can also take the company's free franchise, as well as you can earn by joining the company as a driver. Do it.