The biggest news for jio phones will be eliminated, all the confusion

The biggest news for jio phones will be eliminated, all the confusion

big explanation was made about the Reliance Industries's 41st AGM in Geophoto 2. The most important thing is that Geophone 2 can be used in exchange for old phones and only 501 will be required for it. But the confusion is that there is no #JioPhone now, but any existing features that are from any company can be replaced by the new Geophone-2. On the other hand, it is news for geofon users that their old Gion phone will not be lazy. But they can take the new Geophone-2. But they will get all the new Geophone 2 features on their old handset.
In the old phone, WhatsApp

was announced during the Facebook Annual General Meeting that with the new Geophone II, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook will get access to it. Older users can also take advantage of this. There will also be new features on old Geo phones. This means that you can take advantage of the users' WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube on the old Geo Phones. Phone of old users will be made after August 15. Then they will be able to use these features.

Registration will start tomorrow,

if you do not have geo phone users and use any company's feature phone, you can get a Geophone with an exchange at just Rs 501. However this current GeoPhone will remain the same. But it will get WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube features. The phone itself will be updated on August 15 after the official launch. Gio phones will be available from tomorrow at 5 pm with the exchanges at the price of Rs 501.

You can take a Geophone by changing any feature phone at 501 rupees, under the offer at ConnectionMonsoon Hanga. You do not have to pay the Rs 1500 (refundable) price of the Geophone. While non-geo users still get the phone at Rs 1500. On the other hand, the new Geophone-2 is priced at Rs 2,999, which will be available after August 15. The features under the Monsoon Hanga will be updated from August 15. This means that all three features in your geophone will be used only after August 15.

On August 15, the

announcement was made in the Confession AGM that there was a conferencing between mobile users that they will have to register for the new Geophone II to be picked from August 15. But not so. GeoPhone will be available only after August 2. But the availability of WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube will be available in the phone from August 15. From today you can take the phone directly These three features will be available from August 15.