If SBI Has A Savings Account, Know These Things In Your Work

If SBI has a Savings Account, know these things in your work

If you have a savings account in the country's largest government bank, then this information is very important to you. Because these very few people know how much interest is received on the general savings account. You can also apply online to open an account. For the sake of knowing ...

These advantages are found
On the basis of the outstanding amount, the interest is given at 4% per year. Secured deposit lockers can avail the service or availability. You can take advantage of SMS alerts and e-statement features.

Auto Sweep Facility
To get a high fixed deposit interest, the savings account can be combined with multiple option deposit (mods) account. For more information on this, go to http://www.sbi.co.in/portal/web/personal banking/ savings plus account.

If your account gets credited more than one margin, then the bank itself changes this amount into FD. In this way you can get very high interest on your amount as compared to the savings account. Such accounts offer a fixed deposit return, and like the savings account, there is a facility to withdraw money according to their needs.
ATM Debit Card

State Bank Debit Card is issued in many categories according to your eligibility. Receives such silver, gold, platinum cards, international ATM co-debit cards.

Mobile banking
Even after being away from home, information about the outstanding balance of the account can be obtained. Or any related person can be sent the amount or payment of bills. Even more, State Bank Freedom is convenient, easy, secure. It can be obtained at any time and anywhere in the baking facility.

Internet backing
www.onlinesbi.com, is an internetwork backing portal of this bank, so you can check at any time from anywhere in your account.

Internet banking Mist call banking
With SBI Quick, you can receive account information, mini statement and other services by sending an SMS or by giving a missed call.
Rewards Program

You receive a reward number for many types of transactions. With State Bank Rewards, you can store reward records. The advantage of which you can make for full or partial payment at the time of purchase of products and services from on-line and partner outlets.