Such a good news for students ..! The government is bringing in a new rule

The Central Human Resource Development Ministry will take a big decision about school students. Prakash Javadekar said that NCERT's curriculum will be halved and rules will not be issued to give homework to students from the school. From which government will bring a homework bill in parliament during the monsoon session.

On this, Javadekar said, "We are studying the court's verdict on the verdict of the Madras High Court." The Madras High Court said that the weight of students going to school should not exceed 10% of the student's weight. The court had asked the government to make a proper rule in this matter.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to education, a child has a special need of education on physical education and value. It is not necessary to just remember the meaning of education and to write in the answer booklet.

Education is extensive. The curriculum of NCERT is very complex so that we have decided to reduce it to half. This is what Union Minister Prakash Javadekar did yesterday.

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