State government's announcement will be done by farmers themselves, electricity will be generated, subsidy will be provided to the government

The state government has made a very important announcement today for farmers. The revolutionary step by the government has been filled up for the farmers. The government has announced the "sun power kisan scheme" for farmers today. The scheme will be started from July 2.

The state government headed by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel has announced an important Kisan Hittarik Yojana, which will open up new doors of agriculture and economic prosperity with solar energy, has announced the SKY. In the presence of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister and Energy Minister of State, Energy Minister Shri Saurabhbhai Patel gave detailed information about the usefulness and features of the Sky Scheme to the media today.

What did Vijay Rupani say?

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced this plan and said that farmers of Gujarat have the capability to grow gold from the earth due to the influx of labor and exploitation of Lavani. The state government has provided double-digit agricultural growth rate by providing adequate electricity, water, fertilizers and modern agricultural knowledge to the farmers.

Now, solar power farming has started this innovative scheme by applying the energy production for consumption, to bring these earthly sons towards higher economic and prosperity by selling irrigation and additional electricity.

What did the energy minister say?

The Energy Minister said that the plans of Prime Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani's plan to supplement this scheme in the scheme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream of doubling the revenue of the Kisanas by the state government announced by the state government's decision of the Kisan Hitalakshi Sadhana.

The Energy Minister said that Gujarat has been the largest producer of solar and sun-rays during the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Chief Minister's post in Gujarat.

Energy minister said this solar power is now the scheme of the state's power plants, which can be used for cultivation of agricultural power in their own fields and irrigating it for irrigation.

  • Important issues of sunshine Kisan plan

The farmer will be able to make solar energy in his own farm from the solar panel. Which will be used by farmers for agricultural use, then the rising solar energy-electricity will get the government's economic prosperity. For this, the farmer will have to pay only 5% of the total expenditure on solar panels, while 60% subsidy will be given to the central and state government. Electricity-water will also get on the farm day through solar energy. The state government will take loans of 3% of the interest on the farmer for seven years. The 137 feeder 'Sky' pilot project of all 33 districts of the state is included in the project. The state government will buy additional electricity from the beneficiary farmer for 25 years. For seven years 7 per unit cost and for the remaining 18 years Rs. The government will buy electricity at the rate of 3.50 per unit. The farmer's capital investment for Sky will be returned to him within 8 to 18 months from the sale of electricity.

  • Expanded information about the sun-dried Kisan scheme

Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel said in detail the Sky Scheme that the Sky-sun-dried Kisan scheme will be a major development vehicle for the state's earthquakes. In this sky scheme, the farmers and state government will produce solar panels which will generate solar energy by installing solar panels, which will generate additional revenue for the electricity consumers of the state after the electricity generated by the solar panels on their own land.

The investments made by the earthly sons to take advantage of the Sky Scheme will be redeemed by the sale of excess electricity in 8 to 18 months, but Saurabhbhai Patel said. The energy minister said that the solar energy will be available to the farmer's farm in the daytime and the power will be available for 12 hours and earnings will be made by additional electricity.

  • SKY Features of Sunshine Kisan Scheme

Describing the special features of SKY, the Energy Minister said that the electricity available from the feeder to the farmers present in the state is unconventional sources of coal, gas, etc. used for power generation. Now with the help of solar energy, the farmer gets this solar energy directly from his farm and gets clean energy free of pollution.

This important plan will be for farmers with agricultural power connections because the solar panels will be given solar panels to generate electricity from the sun rush in the farmer's farm, which will be owned by the farmers, he added.

  • Detailed profile of sunshine kisan scheme

He gave a detailed profile of the Sun Shiksh Kisan scheme and said that this Kisan is a benevolent scheme for farmers with agricultural power connection. Solar panels will be provided to the farmers for their solar power generation power plant. If any farmer has already registered the application on Sky Feeder and wants to join the scheme, then it will be given an immediate electrical connection. All farmers coming to feeder will be more beneficial to join this scheme. Farmers will have to pay up to five percent of the total cost, but they will be able to fill the excess amount. The more the loan will be taken less the loan will be taken more and the revenue will be more due to it. Center and state government will pay 60 percent of the subsidy amount. On behalf of the farmer, the state government will levy the remaining interest rate of 3%. The loan will be 7 (seven) years old. Solar panels of one kilowatt solar kilowatt power will be provided. (I.e., a panel of 1pc kilowatt for the connection of 10 hoops). 10 x 10 feet space per kilowatt solar capacity will be required. If a farmer wants to levy more kilowatt panels, it will be allowed under the rules. Electricity generated from extra panels 3. Will be bought at the rate of 0.50 per unit. And the state government subsidy will not be available on it. There will be a committee of farmers joining the scheme per sky feeder. Sky Feeder will get 1 hour of electricity on day, but the farmer who does not join this scheme will get 8 (eight) hours of power supply. For the seven years prior to the unit which comes in the unit grid after the production and consumption of electricity, 7 / - Per unit will be paid to the farmer. Out of which Rs. 3. Electricity distribution company will pay per unit, and the remaining Rs. 3. Per unit per unit (1000 units per km per year). The state government will be subsidically paid to the farmer. The savings will be credited directly to the bank's bank account after the payment of such loan amount to the farmer's loan. After the completion of the 7 year loan period, the electricity distribution company will get the electricity from the electricity distribution company in the grid for the remaining 18 years. 3.50 per unit will be paid.

  • How will this scheme benefit the farmers of the state?

Electricity bill will get relief. Selling excess electricity in the grid earns a permanent income to the farmer. During the day, power supply will be available for 1 hour. After the loan repayment, the solar system will be owned by the farmer. State Government will take insurance of solar panels. 7 years for the solar system will be done by the Guarantee and Maintenance Agency. Crop can also be taken from the solar panel space on the following ground. It can be increased even if the panel height is increased.
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