Friday, 1 June 2018

SBI's new scheme: Money can be withdrawn any time without breaking the FD

If any person puts a FD in the bank, then there is a condition that the person can not be taken out of such FD before the maturity date. So the need to break the FD at the time of need. Now, State Bank of India has announced a new scheme in which the customer will be able to withdraw the money without breaking his FD, and interest on FD will also be credited.

For this, the person who can open a FD called Multi Option Deposit (MOD) in SBI. In this case, the customer can collect a sum of Rs 1,000 and any of his multiples. The special thing is that the customer will not need to go to the bank to withdraw such a sum. Such an amount can be withdrawn by ATM. Second, there is a link to such a deposit savings or current account. So whoever can get money by MOD. Although the amount from the FD will be withdrawn, the interest that is received on such amount will continue.

In addition to availing such a scheme, the customer will have to deposit at least Rs. 10,000 for the MOD. Later, it can be deposited in multiples of 1,000. And you can also raise the amount against it. Now FD ...


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