JIO's double reputation: issued 3 new plans, every day get 5GB data

Reliance Jio has rolled out three new plans in the market once again after releasing many plans for its post pad and pre-paid users, however, this time GeoGen has launched this plan for the Geolink WiFi Hotspot. Let you know that the geolink is not currently launched but it is being tested in some cities.

Pre-view offer can be purchased at Rs 2500, but if you are already using the geolink then the company has rolled out three new plans for you, which includes 699, 2099 and 4,199 rupees.

Firstly, if you talk about a plan of 699, then the limit is 28 days and it will get a total of 140 GB data per day, 5 GB. After the data is lost, the speed will be 64Kbps. Apart from this, a total of 16 GB of data will be available in addition to double buyers' offer.

Plans are available at Rs 2,099 for 5 GB, but the limit is 98 days. There will be a total of 538 GB of data available with the Geo Double-Demand offer.

Talking about the Rs 4,199 plan, it will also get 5 gb of data per day and the limit will be 196 days. There will be a total of 1,076 gb of data in this plan. However, there is no calling and messaging facility in any of these plans.
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