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Gujarats the westernmost state of India. It shares an international border with Pakistan. Indian states bordering Gujarat include Rajasthan to the north east, Madhya Pradesh to the east, Maharashtra to the south. The union territories of Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli to the south also share a border with Gujarat.

Geographically, Gujarat has the following coordinates: 20° 6' N t° 24° 42' N (north latitude) and 68° 10'E to 74° 28'E (east longitude). Gujarat is counted among the fastest growing Indian states in terms of economy. The state of Gujarat was recognized on 1st May 1960.
The state can be classified into three regions, based on geography:
The Saurashtra Peninsula, which is a rocky region interspersed with low lying mountains.
Kutch, located in the north east of Gujarat, is a barren region with rough, rocky terrain. It is where the Rann (desert) lies. The Rann has two parts: the big Rann to the north, and little Rann to the east.
Mainland, which is a fertile plain composed of alluvial soil. The Mainland lies between the Rann of Kutch and the Damanganga river.
These regions are discussed in further detail in the next section.
Gujarat is Geographically Divided into Three Regions
Kutch, situated in the north west, is home to the Rann of Kutch. While this region remains arid throughout the year, the interesting fact is that during rainy season, it sees heavy downpour. So heavy are the rains that the Rann is covered in water during the rainy seasons.
The hilly Saurashtra region is home to low lying mountains, while the fertile plain lies between the Rann of Kutch and river Damanganga.
While less than 10% of land area in Gujarat is forested, it is well known as the place where Asiatic lions are found. Indeed, the Gir forests of Gujarat are the only place in the country where this species exists.


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