The historic decision of the Gujarat government: In the accident, it will cost 48 hours

Every day the incidents of small and small accident occur in Gujarat. In road accidents, people often die due to lack of adequate treatment due to lack of money. Today 7 people from Madhya Pradesh have died in Chhotaudepur accident. Sometimes the accidents are so serious that they have to move to a private hospital for treatment. But due to lack of money, adequate treatment is not available.

When the Gujarat government has been affected due to the accident, the injured people have been affected. The government has made an important decision today on road accidents. Government will incur the cost of the injured in the accident for the first 48 hours by the Gujarat government. If the patient is treated in a private hospital, 50,000 assistance will be provided by the government. Many people, who are publishing this help through Gujarat, get timely treatment. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel announced this help.

It is important that every year 29 thousand small accidents have occurred in road accidents. In which 6 thousand 483 people have died.
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