Doing millions of rupees by renting roof, new government plans

If you have a home or a building in a city whose roof has been empty, you can earn money from it. Actually the Modi government is going to bring a new policy. Solar power companies will rent a roof from you and put a solar panel on it. These companies will also make maintenance of your roof. Your cost will also be saved on this roof. The company will also pay rent.

What is the government's plan?
Government Rent is working on a Rough Policy. Under this policy, developers can rent houses and building shelters and pay rent to each home and building owner instead. The electricity generated here will be sent to the grid.

The Modi government has set a target of solar power of one lakh megawatts, whereas the previous government had a target of 20,000 MW. Out of this, 40,000 megawatts of electricity can be obtained from the Solapur plant. For this, the government is encouraging people to set up a solar plant on the roof. People can also sell electricity generated on roofs. The government hopes that targets can be achieved if large developers install surfactant solar plants.