3% Of The Battery Will Also Run For 1 Hour, ON Will Do This 1 Setting

3% of the battery will also run for 1 hour, ON will do this 1 setting.

Here you will talk about a setting of the phone that you do on the phone, even if your phone has a 3% battery it will run for 1 hour. When the phone has a battery law and you can not charge the phone, you can save the phone's battery by turning this setting on.

Many phones have to turn on this setting and some phones have to be turned on. This setting of battery will only be available in your smartphone's setting option.

Step 1 First go to the phone setting, where you will get the option of battery which tap on

Step 2 Where you get the option of Battery Saver, turn it on. After on-going, your phone's 5% battery will also last up to 1 hour.

Step 3: Battery saver pops up on the setting of the battery on this phone, which should be turned on.