Reliance Jio's Important Announcement, The Company Will Offer 80,000 Jobs This Year

Reliance Jio's important announcement, the company will offer 80,000 jobs this year

Hyderabad: Private sector telecom major Reliance Jio plans to recruit 75 to 80 thousand people in the current financial year. Sanjay Jog, Chief Managing Director of the company, gave this information in a conversation with the media in a program.

In response to a question about the recruitment by the company in the current financial year, Jog said that there are currently approximately 157,000 people. I would say that even 75 to 80 thousand people will join.

About the people leaving the company, he said that at an estimated 32 percent rate of sales and technology related to construction site, this is around 32 percent. If it is seen at the headquarters level, this is only 2%. If you look at the totals together, this figure is like 18%.

Jog said that the company has a partnership with approximately 6000 colleges. Apart from this, the company will also be appointed through the social media platform. He said that on the basis of references, the part of the appointment will be approximately 60-70%. This matter is the two main sources contributing to the appointment of names and employees by the college from the college.