Monday, 2 April 2018

Modi Government’s big decision for farmers, read what is this?

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Modi Government’s big decision for farmers, read what is this?

The Narendra Modi government of the Center has made a big decision for the farmers, the Union Cabinet has decided to increase urea subsidy by 2020, and the government has decided that soon the money of urea subsidy will be sent directly to the farmers’ accounts. .

The advantage of this will be that, as farmers now get the urea at a lower price than the actual price, by the year 2020, the same will be reduced considerably by sending subsidy money directly to the farmers’ accounts. This will also give the fertilizer companies money on time so that they can provide urea at the right time to the farmers. Urea subsidy is part of the Central Sector Scheme of the Department of Fertilizers and with the budgetary support the Government completely finances it. Continuing the Urea subsidy scheme, urea manufacturers will be able to ensure timely payment of subsidy. As a result, urea will be available to the farmers on time. The urea subsidy includes imported urea subsidy, which is operating in the country to improve imports to bridge the gap between fixed demand and production in the country.


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