Google Job Search launches in India, with the help of this tool, find a job for yourself

Google has launched a new Job Search Interface to simplify Job Search in India. For this, the company has partnered with many job agencies. Under this, the job seekers will be able to apply for jobs on separate portals. Job will be easy to find and information about new jobs listed on popular job websites and companies.

During a press conference in Delhi, Google India Vice President Rajan Anandan said, "We know that people come to the search to find jobs. In the fourth quarter of last year, we have seen an increase of 45 percent in the job search query on Google, and this number is increasing steadily. Although job search is not always effective at all. On the other hand companies, especially small enterprises, which offer the highest jobs here, can not present their jobs effectively. This new search experience will help them in this'

Achint Srivastava of Google search team said, "Whether it is fresher or anyone who is experienced, it can be challenging to find a better and better job. It will be easy for employers to post jobs through Google's new service, which includes the Third Party Job Search Portal.

Do such job search

Now as soon as you write jobs or fresher or similar keywords in Google search, a new dashboard of Google will open in front of you. Here is a list of jobs and you can click here.

The company has given a smart filter in it which will refine the search. It also has an alert feature which will tell you about the right job for you through email in the notification.