Open SBI account at home, get 5 lakhs insurance free

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The country’s largest bank State Bank of India has launched an app called SBI YONO. Through this app you can open your own digital account in SBI. The special thing is that with the availability of all the bank facilities to open the account, you will get 5 lakh rupees for the tragedy, for which you do not have to pay any fees. Not only this, when you open a digital account, you will also get special offers and discounts from companies such as Amazon, Uber. If so, know about the benefits of a digital account on SBI YONO.

Who can open account?

This account can only open up to 18 years of age people who have citizenship of India. Only one digital savings bank account can be opened on a mobile number and email id.

Account opening terms:

1. Support and Pan Card are required to open SBI Yono account.

2. You can manage this account only. However, going to the branch can change it to a joint account.

3. For this you have to change the account to a regular savings account.

4. It is necessary to give the name of the nominee in this account.

5. Whoever selects any SBI branch at the time of account opening will become your home branch.

6. You will have to go to any branch of SBI for support biometric verification.