Get Your Empty Property ATM, Earning Thousands Every Month

If you see an advertisement for an ATM in your location, you can approach the bank directly. Most banks offer advertisements in local newspaper. This is a period of advertising, within which you have to interrogate in a related bank. After the advertisement, the bank also uploads an application form on its website.

You can fill in this form by submitting the form and submitting it to the bank by looking at the requirements. Later the bank's marketing team serves your space. If there is a need for ATM, most of the banks put information about this in the tender section of their website. In this case, information can be obtained by checking the website.

In which locations the bank installs ATM:
Each bank has its own guideline to select the location, which is prepared by the bank's marketing team, there are some common points which can be seen in it.
The place around hospital, college, government office, railway station, bus station comes in the first preference, because the public here is more.

If you want to put an ATM, you must have at least 50 to 80 square feet of space.
Ground floor property, you can apply in ATM. There should also be a 24 hour power supply facility.
The location should be where people prefer to go easily.

Property must have commercial use. If this is not the case then you will have to seek permission from it already.
It should be strong in the form of security. If there is a parking space then it can be a plus point for you.

How much is earnings:
The ATM fares on rent. If your property is on a single location in Metro City, where people have to travel too much, you can earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees per month. If a colony is average, you can get rent up to Rs 15 per mitha. In the village between 2 and 5 thousand rent is given by the bank.

Bank of Security:
The bank has responsibility for ATM machine, AC, security arrangements and maintenance. Major Tata Indicash ATMs in India, Mutton ATM and India One are ATM companies, which installs the machine. You can get information on the ATM's recurrence information through these companies' websites. These websites also offer an option to apply online.

Stay away from fraudsters
Many people work to trick people on the name of the ATM. Cheating yourself by showing a representative of the company You must be careful about this. Indicash company has also instructed on its website that no one should come and talk about it.