Is Your Account In SBI? So This News Is Important

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Is your account in SBI? So this news is important
India's largest bank, SBI, has informed the customers that if you do not do so, your account will be closed.

If the customer does not believe the information provided by the bank, the account will be closed.
SBI has issued a reminder to its customers by tweeting on its official Twitter account on February 5. In this reminder, it is compulsory for the bank to link its support card with the bank account to the bank account.

Bank has said that it is mandatory for the account holders to link their support with their accounts till March 31, 2018. Doing so will cause the customer's account to be closed. According to the bank, according to the PML rule (31 June 2018), SBI customers will have to give support numbers till March 31, 2018.
However, it is also stated that how many banks can link support cards. It can be linked to support in internet banking, State Bank Annexure (mobile app), ATM and bank branches.