These Services Connected With Your Money Have Been Changed From Today, What Will Be The Effect Of Read Before Using

As the start of a new year changes the life of the common man. Some new things have to be kept in mind as well as new initiatives. Today ie 1 January 2018, there have been major changes in many things. This is something that affects your daily life. It includes banking from shopping to shopping. You need to know about this change. If you do not get this information before using it, you may be damaged.

From 1 January 2018 you will be able to link home with your mobile SIM support. Thus, this facility was to begin from December 1, but the telecom companies were not ready due to be extended for one month. From now on you can now link to OMT or other seam support.

From today, the changes in MDR charges on debit cards have been changed. With this change, debit card transactions will be very cheap. The new rate of MDR will be applicable today. RBI has tied up the MDR charge with the business turnover. So now you will not have to charge an MDR.

On one hand RBI has reduced the MDR charge. So the Modi government has also decided to take the MDR charge itself to the extent of up to Rs 2,000. If you buy goods from January 1 to 2000, you do not have to pay any MDR charge, so keep in mind this when buying goods.

From today it has become expensive to buy a car. Maruti plans to increase the price of different models to 22,000 thousand rupees, Volkswagen to Rs 20,000, Tata Motors and Honda Motors Rs 25,000, Toyota, Skoda and Mahindra price increase by 3%.

Hero MotoCorp has raised the price of the bike by 400 rupees.
The check book of banks merged with SBI will not run from today. If you are the customer of this bank, the bank has merged with the SBI, you can not use its old check book now.

From today on, gold jewelery is mandatory. The government has mandated hallmarking on January 1, 2018 to 14 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat jewelery. This will facilitate customers to identify the purity of gold.