ICICI Bank Is Offering Loans Up To Rs 20,000 For Purchasing From Paytm.

From paytm’, a special gift has been given to its customers. Under this gift, customers of Patiala will be able to get loan up to Rs 20,000 immediately. For this, there has been a deal between paytm and ICICI Bank. However, the benefits of this offer will be available only to those customers of paytm, which are both customers of paytm and ICICI Bank. If you are a user of paytm, but your account is not in ICICI Bank, then you will not be able to take advantage of this offer. This new service has been named postpaid service.
Let us tell you about this new Facility.
Private sector ICICI Bank has entered into an agreement with paytm, under which a small loan will be given without interest. For this, you have to be a customer of ICICI Bank. After this, if you buy a loan of 20 thousand rupees through a letter of credit, then you will not have to pay any interest for 45 days.

After this, consumers will have to pay a fine of 50 rupees and loan at the rate of 3 percent. Consumers will be able to re-avail this facility after paying the outstanding amount.

Anoop Bagchi, executive director of the bank said, “There is no bar on availing this facility repeatedly. The stop is only on the outstanding amount. ‘ He further said that there was no commercial arrangement with paytm for this. In the event of non-paytm of arrears, the bank will take action and not paytm
There is no need to go to any documentary or bank branch for the paytm-ICICI Bank postpaid. It works like a private credit card. Under this service, ICICI Bank customers can get a credit of Rs 3000 to Rs 20,000.
However, this limit will depend on the credit score of the customer. The better the credit score, the more credit it will get.
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