1. Special Features of Google Maps

Smartphones have become an important part of your life in recent times. Some work by it can be done easily. One of the ways to find a job is to find a way to get Google Maps pre-installed on almost every smartphone. This allows users to get information on any route. 

Most importantly, if you are already available on your phone. The app does not have a problem with the virus coming or hanging on the phone. You may well know about Google Maps, but in this post, you will report some of the features related to it, which you do not know about.

2. Special Features of Google Maps

Easy to zoom
If you are traveling using Google Maps then it is publicized that you can not use both hands to operate it. If you want to zoom the map, you just have to double tap. This will zoom the map and you can also adjust.

3. Special Features of Google Maps

Create Personal Map
You can also create a map on Google Map (Desktop). For that you go to the menu and click on Place ...