Delete Duplicate File From Your Smartphone, Increasing The Speed Of The Phone

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When the speed of the smartphone decreases, the phone looks bad, but it is not. There may be many reasons for your phone to decrease speed. Today we will tell you about a trick, which can increase the speed of your phone. Depend on your smartphone’s speed ram and international memoir. If your phone’s RAM is low then the speed of the phone is starting to decline shortly after purchasing the phone. Besides, the phone’s speed reduces even if the phone’s internal memo is more than 70-80 percent.

We use the Internet on phones. Many of our duplicate files are automatically created in our phone. These files are saved in an internal memo, the effect of which falls on the RAM and the speed becomes slower. It is not easy to find and delete these files manually. Let us show you an easy way to delete a duplicate file.

First of all, open Google Play on your smartphone

Search Duplicate File App here and install it on your phone.

– Open after app is installed. Here you can see all the files in your phone. Now tap on the bottom-right of the options on the screen. Now the phone starts searching a duplicate file on its own.

If your phone has more data, then searching will take more time.

– After the search, the app will show the duplicate file in a separate group.

– Now to delete the file from your smartphone, tap on the delete selected file so the duplicate file will always be deleted from your smartphone