Check the number 1 with your phone's radiation level, not much more

◆> Do you know that your phone's specification is more expensive than the average SZ value of 1.6 W / Kg. How much radiation is being spread by any device, we can know this by its (SAR) value. By dialing just one number, you can find out what your device's SAR value is.

◆> The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has determined the SAR level, the SAR level of any device should not exceed 1.6 W / Kg. You can find out what your phone's SAR level is in 2 minutes. We are showing a process to check this out here.

◆> If the radiation is high the cause of these diseases can be. Often claims have been made that the radiation of the phone can cause cancer, although no such proof has been done yet. However, you may get a secure check on your phone's SAR level.

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