7th pay commission: Employees can get good news again

● Another good news can be found for central employees. Their salaries can be increased further. If everything is okay then next year employees can get this gift. The National Anamoli Committee (NAC) can do a meeting this month to demand minimum basic increase of central employees.

● According to the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, a few months ago, the minimum wage of the Central employees was increased from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000, although the fitment factor would increase to three times, then the minimum wage would be 21,000 rupees.

◆ Government going to increase the fitment factor
● The central workers are not happy with the increase made by the government and they say that our demand was to make minimum wages of Rs 26,000, which is much less than our demand. Now the National Anamoli Committee will discuss the minimum wage in October and accept it from the Department of Expenditures before presenting it to the union cabinet. The government is going to increase the fitment factor. It is almost certain to increase the fitment factor to 3 times.

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